A CFO provides leadership to Finance departments and functions in order to:

· support new business models,
· enable businesses to achieve its strategic goals and objectives,
· boost business performance and manage enterprise risks optimally,
· support decision-making and problem solving by providing relevant and
fact-based information to management,
· raise capital, funding and credit at low cost and reasonable terms to enable  businesses and organisations to achieve its objectives,
· digitally transform businesses and its processes and systems to boost its agility,
· drive sustainable value creation in businesses,
· assist businesses to satisfy the needs of its stakeholders and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

We outsource CFO's and financial professionals to large companies, small and medium-sized companies (SME's), state-owned entities (SOE's) and other organisations in order to build and strengthen capacity in their finance departments and functions in cases when:

· there is a vacancy or the finance professional is on leave,
· the finance department and/or CFO lacks appropriate skills and  competencies,
· the current CFO would like to manage and implement major projects but need specialised assistance,
· the finance function is to be restructured,
· financial analysis and planning must be performed but the entity does not have such competencies,
· the SME cannot afford a full-time CFO, financial manager or accountant,
· a CFO or a specific financial professional is needed to perform any other relevant function or tasks.

Our outsourced CFO’s and financial professionals are supported by a highly skilled business and financial support team, thereby giving you access to extensive and deep financial and business knowledge and experience that can enable your Finance department and function to carry out its purpose efficiently and effectively.

We are NOT a recruitment agency. Our outsourcing services are part of our value-added services to enable businesses and organisations to create sustainable value over time. The outsourcing could be temporary, interim or any duration of period, depending on your business needs and requirements. However, the CFO and the financial professionals are always under your control and direction.

Our highly experienced support team, which are seasoned business and financial advisors and professional accountants and are registered with The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, will find a perfect match for clients in terms of skills, experience, personality and fit to suit any unique business requirements and needs. We separate the men from the boys, wheat from the chaff to ensure the outsourced finance professionals hit the ground running.

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· We are seasoned and trusted finance, accounting and business advisors. Therefore, we are always in a better position to understand your business needs and requirements as well as the risks and challenges your business face. We will provide you with optimum solutions to strengthen your capabilities, overcome your challengers and shortcomings in your Finance departments and functions and speedily resolve your shortcomings regarding your senior accounting and finance staff.

· We have access to a network of strong, competent finance and accounting candidates, thus giving you an immediate solution to your staffing needs.

· We have developed strong relationships with other finance and accounting professionals in commerce and industry. These relationships enable us to speedily search and/or headhunt candidates that will meet your unique business requirements.

· We are a member of The SA Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) which enable us to be at the forefront of accounting, finance, tax, commerce, compliance and other related issues.

· We continuously develop our business, finance, accounting, taxation and related skills and competencies to be able to provide you with innovative, value adding, tailor-made business and finance solutions.

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· Chief financial officers and finance executives

· Financial managers

· Chartered accountants and accountants

· Credit managers

· Payroll managers

· Supply chain managers

· Bookkeepers
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