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Bethanie Management Consulting is a Level 3 B-BBEE company. The business was formerly known as Bethanie & Associates and was established in 2002.

The statutory particulars of the business are as follows:
* Registered Name: Bethanie Management Consulting CC
* Registration number: 2006/063726/23
* Contact numbers: (office)  +27 11 042 9768
                           (fax)       +27 866 544 889
*Email address: info@bethanieconsulting.co.za
*Physical address: 67 Boekenhout Crescent, Eldorado Park, 1811
*Postal address: PO Box 1782, Eldorado Park, 1813


Bethanie Management Consulting assists businesses and organizations to improve profitability and cash flow; increase market share; generate superior shareholders returns and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
The company specializes in accounting, finance, tax, business and management advisory services. The company also specializes in the placement of accounting and finance professionals.

To be the business advisor of choice.

To provide innovative and value adding business support to clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and unlock and grow shareholder value.

· Integrity - uphold high levels of integrity and honesty and maintain trustworthiness,
· Respect - treat with dignity and show respect for employees, clients and other people,
· High standards - constantly raise standards of performances  and conduct to provide high quality services,
· Teamwork - develop great teams to produce great results,
· Continuous development - continuously develop knowledge, skills and capabilities in order to render value adding services to clients,
· Professionalism - display high levels of professionalism,
· Superior customer services - create significant value for clients,
· Speed - reduce turnaround times of services, projects and produce outputs and results speedily,
· Innovation - embrace continuous change, encourage the generation of new ideas and continuously improve operations, client services, leadership.

Our strengths have enabled us to create value for our clients and are as follows:
· We have over 16 years experience in the services we provide,
· Our business solutions are tailor-made, innovative, sustainable and integrated,
· Our business methodologies draw on world-class best practices and include the thorough understanding of the client’s specific industry, market, business objectives, strategies, processes and policies to enable us to provide innovative business solutions that support overall business strategy,
· We are committed to the values of honesty, integrity, reliability, objectivity, and transparency,
· We train and develop our staff on an ongoing basis and conduct regular researches to ensure that our skills and competencies remain world class in order to provide our clients with innovative business solutions,
· We have teamed up with alliance partners with specialised skills that can provide other services such as information technology, marketing and industry specialization, corporate law and human resources management should the need arises.

We have previously partnered with the following major companies:
· Business Partners for mentoring and management advisory services to its clients,
· Deloitte for management advisory services to its clients including Mercantile Bank Ltd,
· Ernst & Young for management advisory services to its clients including SA Breweries-Packing division,
· Labat Africa Ltd for annual financial reporting in terms of international financial reporting standards and conducting due diligence investigation in order to make an acquisition,
· Legal Aid Board to assist CFO with financial management services,
· IBM, Deneys Reitz, PB Power, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sihlali Molefi Inc and Denton Wilde Sapte (UK) to provide transaction advisory services to the Department of Minerals and Energy on the Independent Power Purchase Project (NewGen Project).

We are currently sitting on the panel of restructuring and workout solutions of the Industrial Development Corporation of SA Ltd (IDC). Our purpose is to assist distressed clients of the IDC with business turnarounds, restructuring, workouts and business rescue services in order to improve their financial performances and take them to higher level of business performance.

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